Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome to FWAH

Thanks for visiting the FWAH blog, where Food Wine Art (and) Happy happens.

FWAH combines our weekly culinary musings with thoughtful wine pairings, local art, and depths of characters (you and yours).

Each week, menus will be posted here, along with blogs from our previous weeks.

FWAH is an underground restaurant which operates under the principle of providing an atmosphere where local crafts of the culinary, agricultural, artistic and social talents come together.


  1. kitch'n kitten22 February, 2009

    most sundays, i laze around on my couch and catch up on my TiVo...but sundays at FWAH sound far more interesting.

    looking forward to FWAH Sundays...

    - KK

  2. You mean "Fwah!" like a karate chop?