Friday, June 26, 2009

FWAHling in Love

Thank you to everyone at our FWAHther's Day dinner this past Sunday, June 21st, for making the event one to remember. From Father's Day, to Summer Solstice, and Muriel Fisher's ?th Birthday, there were many reasons to celebrate. An extra special thanks to Paul for his poetry reading and for popping the French bubbly to celebrate Muriel's special day. It was an honor and a pleasure to see so many new faces (and some old) on Sunday.

We also want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeremy Seywer, whose performance at FWAH truly stood out as one of our best FWAHrtists so far. Jeremy's somewhat mellow songs, were smooth and inviting, his lyrics thoughtful and precise, and we truly enjoyed his performance at FWAH. Jeremy, we know you are going places as a solo artist (we haven't yet heard his band, Seashell Radio perform), and we look forward to fwahllowing your rise as a singer/songwriter.

Coming up, we have two exciting events planned. Join us July 12th at 7pm for a Middle Eastern Feast and what was originally planned to be a Strong, Sexy Woman dinner. We pondered this for weeks before deciding that a Strong, Sexy Women dinner would be even better with a few fine invitations are now open to both women and men at our July 12th event. Nicki Santini, a local modern/pop artist with abstract sensibilities, will be showcasing her paintings at this event!

Then, on July 26th at 7pm, join us on a culinary adventure yet to be announced that will be sure to delight your palette with taste, texture and color.

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